Syrig the second was secretly plotting against his former self, knowing that if he could enrage the elder brothers to murder Syrig the first, he could then take advantage of their momentary distraction from the transfer of power, like he had experienced centuries ago when he stole the power of death from Ylgeg.

Syrig the first and second led armies of beasts, men, Orcs and Goblins against the other races created on what was now called Kruthoud, a primitive world without magic beyond the power of the gods. For Syrig and his twin claimed godhood as did the elder brothers. The first war of the races began mostly with skirmishes, though history would describe them as massive battles of blood and glory.


Two thirds of the created peoples and beasts, monsters and orc, goblin and man, perished in the first war, leading to a confrontation of the gods themselves. What the Syrigs had not expected is that the other gods would fight among themselves. Aurald and his Dwarves Quarreled with Brotog and his Gnomes, Gotrob quarreled with Aurald for control and worship of the Elves as well as the Halflings with Brotog.

The chaos and confusion made for easy pickings for the Syrig twins to decimate the races of Kruthoud. Except that Syrig the second took this opportunity to reveal his plans to wrest control of all the powers and races and setting himself up as the reigning god of Kruthoud. The ensuing war ended with four distinct outcomes.

First, Brotog and Gotrob were slain by Aurald and he absorbed all the powers of the elements. Second Syrig the first was slain by his twin and Syrig the second was granted power over life and death. Third magic was released into Kruthoud from the sudden slaying of its gods. Finally, the power of the gods was dispersed evenly between the two remaining gods giving them both power over the elements, and over life and death. Aurald swore vengeance on his brother Syrig, and the Syrig who remained scorned the races of the world and went into hiding taking with him only the dragons and leaving the rest of Kruthoud to its own devices.


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