The second Syrig snuck in while Ylgeg lay unconscious and slew him. He was not prepared for the backlash of energy that struck him then. A bolt of lightning flashed from Ylgeg’s deceased form and crashed into Syrig’s chest, knocking him backward. When Syrig awoke he feared that his brothers would be awake and waiting, but they were not. Fearful, Syrig fled the heavens and descended upon the world his brothers had created.

Aurald, Brotog, and Gotrob discovered Ylgeg’s body the following day. Distraught the brothers mourned the loss of their second youngest brother, believing they had killed him in their angst.
Many centuries passed before the eldest saw their youngest brother Syrig again. The two Syrigs planned the demise of the elder brothers for several years, each lending their ideas and schemes. Little did the original Syrig know his twin was in fact a reflection of his inner anger and resentment and the Second Syrig, now possessed Ylgeg’s power over death. The elder brothers were trying to combat the deaths of their followers until they realized that were procreating.

Syrig and his twin allowed the races to flourish as they were secreting away members of the races and changing them, in some cases remaking them. Thus were created all manner of beasts, monsters, Goblins, Orcs, and Dragons. Syrig the first, in his twisted genius modeled the dragons after the elements of his brothers’ powers. When the elder brothers realized what Syrig was doing it was too late and the first war of the races began.


Dragon Slayer: Rise of Syrig BehemothDave