Over the next 622 years races gained in power and lost in power. Nations rose and fell, cities were established, and social and political statutes were set only to be remade again and again. Kingdoms of marauders and societies of thieves and criminals rose out of the ashes and were dashed again by crusading bands of warriors and heroes.

The elves moved to the forests of Ker’Serah in pursuit of the orc tribes. The orcs settled in the northern forests while the elves eventually gave up their pursuit and settled north and east in the forest of Ker’Serah, which they called Ker’Seranin meaning great wood. Humans fled the war zone to the east where they settled deigning to be apart from the other races. Halflings and dwarves fled south into the hills and mountain ranges, which they called the Syrigian Mountains.



After several small skirmishes across the continent new settlements were born, in the land of the elves there was established the towns of Kru, Serah, Ker’Serah (the capitol), and the lake cities belonging to the many half-elves shunned by their brethren. The lake cities are Moiria, Moiridian, and Auraldan. The only settlement within the Ker’Seranin was Doun, the orc town.

The dwarves and Halflings merely sought solitude from the other races and an end to war. They began the process of creating great cities of stone and homes in the earth. In the southern Syrigian Mountains, the dwarves created three capital cities, each governed separately. These were Kru’Du; Du’Oun, and Syrigia, splinter factions from Syrigia formed two more cities — Brotogam and Gotrobus in honor of their patrons.

The towns by the southern lakes were created by the halflings, collectively the Southlake Towns; they are Auraltown, Gotlindon, and Syrintown. Auraltown was LATER invaded by goblin tribes and has repeatedly changed hands through the centuries between goblin and halfling.

Man fled to the east, to the northern coast, and into the eastern deserts. The northern coast was called Ghoamhart, and a great city was built in there. Also in the north was built the cities of Ciotropolis and [[Plaestus]. The men of these parts discovered magic and discovered they had not been completely abandoned by the Gods and thus they began building temples around their claimed lands and blessing them with the power of their God, Aurald the Mighty.

The humans of the north began to call themselves the Auraldin, and collectively they believed themselves to be the chosen of their god and believed that anyone not of the Auraldin needed to be purged from the world. More importantly to them they believed that their god embowered their temples to create a barrier to keep the other races out.

A second group of humans fled far into the east and found the desert of Serin; some decided to make their home in the desert and established a city at an oasis which they called Serinthis. These people are called the Serins. Those that pushed through the desert continued to the east, north, and south. The three tribes considered each other brethren and so established settlements relying on each other. To the north was the people of Ferin, they settled Northdale, Ferindale, and Coastadale, living mostly from the forests, lakes and northern coast. To the east the people were called the Toruns; they settled on the eastern coast and called it Torundell.

The last group of humans settled to the south establishing the nations of the Eastern lands and the capitol Majesta. These men called themselves Majestans, and believe themselves to be the governing body of all of the eastern lands, including the Serins though the Serins recognize no authority beyond their own tribes.


One final schism of the races occurred in the Serin Desert, a tribe of men and women were given a vision of a handsome god, and promised great prosperity these “Phans” so called for the fantasy they believed in split from the other tribes after great strife. They fled south out of the desert and to the coast where they found a second desert. They settled outside these lands and called their town Auliphan, and kept the name they’d been given and called themselves Phanins.


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