In the beginning there were five brothers, each with great powers. None knew how this world they inhabited came to be. The eldest of the brothers knew he was the eldest and each knew their place in the order of the universe. The eldest was Aurald, the Twins Brotog and Gotrob, and the youngest brothers Ylgeg then Syrig.
Early in their existence each of the brothers learned they had the ability to create and form the elements. Aurald could shape earth, while Brotog and Gotrob could shape fire and water. Ylgeg could bend the air to his will and create great storms. Syrig at first could not create, and he felt an outcast compared to his brothers.
Syrig tried time and time again but he was unable to create what he desired, his brothers continued to form the elements and then they realized with their powers combined they could create something more than mere elements. The four eldest brothers combined their creative talents and from their manipulations they brought forth a new world lone in the cosmos.
Syrig became infuriated and in his anger he instantly created a replica of himself, another Syrig with the same power and ability to create life. Both Syrigs then devised a plan to tear the close relationship of their brothers apart. The first went to his eldest brother Aurald and began to explain his ability to create living things; he told his brother he would create people on this new world to worship the Almighty Aurald.


Aurald the elder saw that this was good and bade his brother Syrig to make him living things, thus Syrig created Dwarves and Elves. The second Syrig went to the Twins Brotog and Gotrob and promised each of them the same that the first Syrig promised to Aurald. Both Brotog and Gotrob saw this was good. Thus were made Halflings and Gnomes.
The first Syrig then created for himself hordes of men and set them upon this world, while the second Syrig began whispering to the second youngest Ylgeg that his brothers had created creatures upon their world and revealed that the elder brothers were massing an army to rule the lands.

Angered that he had not been included, Ylgeg, caused great storms to come upon the world. When the people of the world suffered Aurald, Brotog, and Gotrob confronted Ylgeg and demanded he stop his storming. Ylgeg refused and attacked his brothers who struck him down and unleashed their rage. Ylgeg survived the onslaught but lay unconscious, naturally this stopped the storms and the elder brothers went back to their subjects’ worship.


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